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Beware, Fraudsters are in our towns! The Midwest has seen an uptick in mail theft which includes, checks being stolen out of mailboxes. The checks are then “washed”, altered & transacted for increased amounts to alternate payees. Customers here at Horizon Bank have seen this crime happen to them! Please securely mail your checks by taking them to the Post Office, use bill pay, or send funds via wire. Your mailbox at the curb is not secure any longer. We also recommend having your monthly statement delivered via e-statement. You can sign up for this on-line or at your nearest branch.

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 Low Income Housing Tax Credit Financing 

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Financing requires funding structured to meet complex regulatory requirements and the expertise to identify solutions where others may identify the obstacles. Horizon Bank has been working with developers of affordable housing and syndicators of Low Income Housing Tax Credits for over 20 years.


Horizon Bank has the expertise to provide innovative solutions to your construction, term, tax incremental financing, and bridge loan financing needs.With LIHTC financing, timing is everything. Working with Horizon Bank means that you deal directly with the decision makers.

Click below to check out the affordable communities currently under construction


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