Statement of Condition


As of December 31, 2012


Cash (on hand and due from banks) $ 3,385,069.08
U.S. government agencies   10,969,626.16
Other (bonds, warrants, and securities)   37,524,620.84
Total loans (net of loan loss reserve)   142,560,969.45
Bank building and fixtures   1,880,517.37
Other assets   5,653,325.00
Total Assets $ 201,974,127.90


Deposits $ 158,222,206.25
Other Liabilities   21,411,362.92
Capital Stock   486,000.00
Surplus   9,514,000.00
Undivided profits and reserves   12,340,558.73
Total Liabilities & Equity  $ 201,974,127.90




Janet L. Latimer

CEO & President

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Jim O’Hare Executive Vice President

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Jim Rieker Senior Vice President Email Now
Jennifer L. Steenson

Senior Vice President & Cashier

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Scott Argo Vice President

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Barb Reuter Vice President Email Now

Scott Bartels

Assistant Vice President Email Now
Jennifer Kjar Assistant Cashier Email Now
Marlene K. McGowan Branch Officer Email Now
Jason Hauxwell Branch Officer

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Jeff Jobes - Chairman
Janet L. Latimer - Secretary
Shirley Dunlap
Jay L. Dunlap
Angie Muhleisen

Steve Bartels

Jim O'Hare