Low Income Housing Tax Credit Financing


Why You Should Work with Horizon Bank

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Financing requires funding structured to meet complex regulatory requirements and the expertise to identify solutions where others may identify the obstacles.   Horizon Bank has been working with developers of affordable housing and syndicators of Low Income Housing Tax Credits for over 20 years.   Horizon Bank has the expertise to provide innovative solutions to your construction, term, tax incremental financing, and bridge loan financing needs.

With LIHTC financing,

Timing is Everything.

Working with

Horizon Bank

Means that You Deal Directly

with the Decision Makers.


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Why Use Horizon Bank?

Commitment Letters and Letters of Interest

A large part of making Affordable Housing work is putting together the right funding sources. Horizon Bank has extensive experience evaluating developments and issuing letters of interest that will work effectively with your funding applications.

Construction Lending

    • Whether it is a tract development of single family homes, senior duplexes, a multi-family development or a historic rehab, Horizon Bank can tailor the right construction loan to match your funding needs. After all, Horizon Bank has been working with developers to construct successful developments for over 20 years.

At Horizon Bank you will work directly with the decision makers who understand the specifics of affordable housing. From Horizon Bank you receive informed, timely and flexible responses to your financing requests.

Permanent Loans

Over the course of 20 years, Horizon Bank has worked hard to secure funding sources for fixed-rate loans that will work within the pro-forma parameters of Affordable Housing developments. Typically these loans will have 15 year terms to match the development's compliance period and have 15, 20, or 30 year amortizations. Horizon Bank's experience enables the bank to structure these loans in such a way as to save your development money.

Tax Increment Financing and Tax Abatement Financing

Horizon Bank has worked extensively with taxing authorities and can structure a TIF or Tax Abatement loan to match their specific requirements.

Bridge Lending

Horizon Bank has worked with syndicators and private investors in the financing of Bridge Loans related to Low Income Housing Tax Credits. Working with the local decisions makers provides you with flexibility and timely feedback regarding your specific funding needs.